About Tara Edits.

About Tara Edits.

About Tara Edits

Tara edits, alright.

She’s a fiend for alliteration. She specialises in copywriting for restaurateurs, publicans, wine makers, bakers, food and drink enthusiasts, cocktail connoisseurs and service professionals.

She chews through manuscripts and works closely with authors to help bring their dream to actualisation. Depending on the relationship you have with your writing, she can be ruthless or kind. She can redact or revise or re-jig depending on your needs.

She can communicate with the staunchest of corporate colleagues if the occasion calls for it. As per my last email, we can get the ball rolling. Let’s not reinvent the wheel here; we need to put a pin in that for now. Let’s take the lead on this with a 360-degree view. As soon as possible, we will have a paradigm shift and really push the envelope.

Tara’s a chameleon. She can give you words, erase them, make sure the ones you have are spelled correctly, and make you a cuppa if you need it.

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If you’d like Tara’s help, reach out to her here.