Business & Marketing

Business and Marketing

Press releases

price: $50 per 600 words

Launching a new business? Chances are you’re overwhelmed with the demand for mission statements, previous achievements, your career background and your goals for your new venture. Having a press release can be incredibly useful; often one document can provide you with lots of useful snippets for use across all fields of marketing.
We specialise in press releases for the hospitality and creative industries. If you’re looking to begin a new or revitalise an old business idea, get in touch and we can put some good stuff out into the world for you.


price: $30 per 400 words

Brochures are the perfect addition to any presentation; they’re a great way to visually convey information to your target audience. We can help with any copy or layout questions you might have.

Email & letter templates

price: $30 per 400 words

To whom it may concern;
Email and letter templates are a necessity to maintain consistency across your brand. They’re often better off concise, and finding that balance between friendliness and professionalism can be tricky.
We can fully customise letter and email templates to your needs.



price: $30 per 400 words

Did you know that there are roughly 470 million people using LinkedIn? It pays to have your profile stand out. Even if corporate networking isn’t your buzz, it is still essential to let your customers know a little bit about you in order to build rapport. Most websites feature an ‘about us’ page. Make sure you’re representing yourself as best you can, and consider having a professional write your bio for you.