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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical when it comes to building your online presence and expanding your brand’s reach. SEO involves identifying which key words or phrases your target audience searches for when they are looking for the product or service that you offer. No doubt you know this already, or are familiar with the concept; here’s why you need Tara Edits.
You can’t just write “trimming puppy toenails” five thousand times on your webpage consecutively and trust that whenever someone’s canine needs their dew-claw clipped that yours will be the first website that pops up.
The harsh reality, my friend, is that Google knows. It can smell insincerity a mile away and pulling tricks like that can actually do more harm than good (not that I would accuse anyone visiting here of being sneaky, of course).
This is why it becomes ever-more important to hand over your website copywriting to somebody you trust. Your copywriter needs to be able to correctly identify your target audience, be aware of your brand values, and represent them in a way that entices customers and increases your click-value.

SEO blog post content creation


The next logical step is to create a blog. Having a blog is a fun way to connect with your customers, but has the added advantage of boosting your relevance by way of SEO.
A blog should reflect your business in the following way: 33% of the content should focus on generating leads, 33% should come from other sources that align with your business, and 33% should be engaging with the followers directly: answering questions, responding to comments or trends, or reposting consumer-driven product. You may spend the remaining 1% wherever you like.
A blog post needs to be accessible, frequent and entertaining. It has many of the same features and benefits as really good website copy, as well as being constantly refreshed and updated.



EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. It pays to keep in touch with your customers via targeted email campaigns that relate directly to their interests. Utilise a handy database program like MailChimp that can automate the process for you - and get us to fill your emails with helpful information for your customers.